Here at Marble Builder we are dedicated to catering to YOU. When you purchase granite from us, you get to pick exactly how you would like your counter tops to look; all the way down to the edging.


We offer an Eased Edge, 1/4 Round, 1/4 Bevel, 1/8 Round, and 1/8 Bevel at no charge.

The cost of edging is already included in your installtion price so there are no suprise charges. Even if you decide to buy a piece of granite straight from our warehouse and have us fabricate it for you at our on-site fabrication shop, the cost of edging is included in your fabrication price.


**We also offer more advanced edges such as ogee, bullnose, and chiseled for additional charges.


  • These are great for small kitchens.                                   

  • They feature a soft square that offers an understated and unobtrusive finish.                             

  • This is great for tight corners and narrow walkways.


  • These add a delicately curved silhouette to any kitchen. 

  • They are rounded on the top and flat on the bottom, and they work for cooking spaces of all sizes.


  • These are popular for natural stone countertops, but they can also be achieved on laminate surfaces. 

  • They feature an elegant “S” shape made of two curves that can vary from subtle to more dramatic. 

  • Since this edge add extra depth to your countertop, it’s best suited for larger kitchens.


  • These are marked by their sharp 45-degree angle.   

  • This cut makes for a well-defined border that frames the countertop while maintaining an elegant finish.


  • These are curved along the top and bottom for an even finish.                                                                         

  • These edges are universally flattering for virtually any kitchen, making them a great option for both traditional homes and contemporary spaces.              

  • The soft finish offers a sophisticated touch that is safe for kids and easy to clean.

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